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About Nomad Tracker


Hi there, I’m Damian. I’m the founder and CEO of Nomad Tracker.
I’m very excited to see you here!



In the last couple of years, I’ve found that there are more than many benefits to living the nomad lifestyle. And I’m more than sure that you have, too. For me the best one is the fact that you’re FREE to go wherever you want, whenever you want as long as you have your favorite “tools” and Wi-Fi. Plus – you visit many coffee shops, so you get to try various types of coffee…and cookies. Isn’t life great?


But let’s start from the beginning.


You’re probably wondering why we’re creating Nomad Tracker. Well, that’s really simple! A few years, my wife and I went on a trip to the USA. Before we found our ideal place, San Diego, we rented a car in New York and drove all the way to San Francisco. During our little trip across the country we met hundreds of remote workers and that inspired us to do something to keep connecting with them.



After spending many hours in different coffee shops, observing other people, we thought it’d be nice to talk to them and discover what they were doing. It turned out not to be that easy… We didn’t really feel confident enough to start the conversation, we didn’t want to interrupt their work, violate their personal space, or scare them. Hey, after all, not everyone likes talking to strangers, right?   That’s when we thought we could use some help with that, a tool that would help us find people who are willing to talk – about their passion, their projects, their challenges, problems, possible solutions, etc. But there was no such tool around!

That’s when the idea of Nomad Tracker came to existence!


Our aim is to connect people, no matter where they live and work. By working through the app together, we can get to know their lifestyle, learn something new about their craft, etc. You can tell us how to manage this coding  issue and we’ll buy you a drink. Let’s meet somewhere this afternoon and chat, or maybe we can build a project together. I’m a front-end developer, but you’re a great designer, help me make this project more appealing! Are you a photographer? Would you like to meet and show me the best place in town to shoot some nice photos? Sometimes remote work can make you feel lonely and disconnected. Many of us are introverts, and it’d be nice to talk to someone, especially if he or she understands our current situation. This way, work can also be a great reason to meet someone nice! The possibilities are endless!

That’s why we’re here!


If you are a nomad, if you work remotely, please join our community of those who like to take advantage of the possibilities that this type of work has to offer!

We’d love for you to interact with Nomad Tracker as much as you can.


Please, tell us what the toughest part of remote life is for you? What about the best? What are your tips? We’d  really love to hear from you regarding what you think about the Nomad Life – and if we can, we would love to answer any questions you may have!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Damian Samolej  – founder & CEO of Nomad Tracker

Nomad Tracker is an app that will help you team up with creative talent in your city and put your project in motion.